NORA-SA Oil collector invited to the states

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Moses Mokgosi, a NORA-SA collector and the owner of Auto Blue Oils and Projects was recently selected to do an internship in the United States through the Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) – an initiative that is designed to foster young South African entrepreneurs by mentoring and training them.

The Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) takes selected delegates to the US where they complete a six week internship in a top US company. This internship allows these young business owners to shadow a similar organisation where they learn about the underlying principles and concepts required to ensure business success and sustainability.

The programme is funded by the Guidance of IBA Global, Sierra Nevada College, the National Youth Development Agency and various corporations that invest in this program.

IBA Global is a culture and communication skills consultancy who enable their clients to create profitable international relationships by building cultural bridges that enhance understanding and establish trust.

“I arrived safely in the USA and I am busy studying and learning through interning in different companies on how they typically manage their used oil collection programs. So far I can confirm that what ROSE and NORA-SA have going on back home is unique.

I’m grateful for all the information shared and for the experience of coming down to your offices.”

Moses interned at Waste Not and Waste Management, two organisations situated in Nevada. He also studied Entrepreneurial Leadership through the Sierra Nevada College as part of the internship.

“Through Waste Not and Waste Management as well as through various tours taken to Reno Drain Oil and Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal Company, I learnt that the US has advanced recycling programs that we can replicate in our South African environment,” says Moses.

“Waste Management in the US is highly advanced, well established and professionally

managed with continual strides being made to improve service in the face of continually changing customer needs and compliance requirements.”

“This experience has been invaluable for the future of my business. I’ve learned that one can really make a good living out of recycling and through my studies at the Sierra Nevada College I also learned how to better manage and properly run my small business and become a better entrepreneur.”

“Auto Blue Oils and Projects will certainly grow from strength to strength after being exposed to the vast relevant experience, expertise and knowledge of these top US waste management companies,” concludes Moses.

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