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Your Solution to Oil Pollution

Oil Recycling


  • Used /old oil recycling
  • Supply of 210 litre storage drums (free)
  • 1000 litre storage containers
  • Supply of wheelie bins
  • Waste fuel
  • Used oil filters
  • Drum recycling
  • Waste /contaminated/acid mine drain water
Oil Recycling


Auto Blue Oils is a oil recycling company that collects used oil from all oil using sectors.

We recycle to ensure our clients prevent environmental damage while saving money.

Oil Recycling

The Environment

Oil recycling protects the environment as it is allowed to seep it into the ground instead of letting it go straight into rivers or any other waterways.

Accordingly, the natural environment and sources of drinking water remain uncontaminated.

Your Solution to Oil Pollution

Oil Recycling


Auto Blue Oils and Projects was established in 2009 as a result of a passion to protect and preserve the environment.

The idea was conceived with the intention to provide a solution to oil pollution by safely disposing of hazardous waste to a registered waste facility.

Oil Recycling


We are a Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) registered and previously disadvantaged company.

We support women, the disabled, and youth development.

Oil Recycling

Our World

Recycling is one of the best ways for you to have a positive impact on the world in which we live.

Recycling is important to both the natural environment and us.
We must act fast as the amount of waste we create is increasing all the time.



Oil Recycling

Recycling Oil Saves the Environment Foundation


Oil Recycling

National Oil Recycling Association Of South Africa


Oil Recycling

The Old Oil Man

Did You Know?

A release of used oil to the environment, whether by accident or otherwise, threatens ground and surface waters with oil contamination there by endangering drinking water supply and aquatic organisms.

Used oil can damage the environment in several different ways:

  • Spilled oil tends to accumulate in the environment, causing soil and water pollution. Oil decomposes very slowly. It reduces the oxygen supply to the micro-organisms that break the oil down into non-hazardous compounds.
  • Toxic gases and harmful metallic dust particles are produced by the ordinary combustion of used oil. The high concentration of metal ions, lead, zinc, chromium and copper in used oil can be toxic to ecological systems and to human health if they are emitted from the exhaust stack of uncontrolled burners and furnaces.
  • Some of the additives used in lubricants can contaminate the environment. E.g. zinc dialkyl dithiophosphates, molybdenum disulphide, and other organo-metallic compounds.
  • Certain compounds in used oil – eg poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) – can be very dangerous to one’s health. Some are carcinogenic and mutagenic. The PAH content of engine oil increases with operating time, because the PAH formed during combustion in petrol engines accumulates in the oil.
  • Lubricating oil is transformed by the high temperatures and stress of an engine’s operation. This results in oxidation, nitration, cracking of polymers and decomposition of organ- metallic compounds
  • Other contaminants also accumulate in oil during use – fuel, antifreeze/coolant, water, wear metals, metal oxides and combustion products.

As it is already mentioned above that if used oil is disposed in irresponsible manner it may cause great danger to the human resources like water supply. The environmental effects of used oil can be categorized as follows.

  • Human health effects of used oil
  • Effects on Wetlands and Wildlife
  • Effects of Burning Waste oil
  • Effects on Marine and Fresh water organisms
  • Effects of using waste oil as dust control agent

Waste Management Act In South Africa – With the introduction of the new “NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT WASTE ACT”  in March 2009 (Act No 59 , 2008) South Africa now has a fixed set of rules that waste generators and disposers have to comply with. Use Auto Blue Oils to dispose your used oil to ensure that your company complies with the legislation in the Waste Management Act.

Did you know that 1 litre of oil,can contaminate 1 million litres of fresh water resources?

Prevent the environmental damage and contact Auto Blue Oils today!

Does Used Oil Damage The Environment?

Spilled Oil tends to accumulate in the environment, causing soil and water pollution.
Toxic compounds and harmful metallic particles are produced by the ordinary combustion of used oil.

Auto Blue Oils Collect Used Oil, including:

1) Gearbox Oil 2) Transformer Oil 3) Turbine Oil 4) Engine Oil 5) Hydraulic Oil 6) Waste Fuel 7) Contaminated Water

Collecting Used Oil

Upon collection we issue a Waste Disposal Certificate, and all our vehicles comply with regulations pertaining to the collection and transport of hazardous material (Used Oil)
Used Oil Collection can be arranged by calling 073 960 4398 / 081 438 6748 / 011 930 0100

Everyone is Responsible for Delivering Value

We are unwavering in our belief that service excellence is a non-negotiable standard.
We strive to continually raise our standards and be professional at all times


NORA-SA Oil collector invited to the states

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Moses Mokgosi, a NORA-SA collector and the owner of Auto Blue Oils and Projects was recently selected to do an internship in the United States through the Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) – an initiative that is designed to foster young South African entrepreneurs by mentoring and training them.

The Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) takes selected delegates to the US where they complete a six week internship in a top US company. This internship allows these young business owners to shadow a similar organisation where they learn about the underlying principles and concepts required to ensure business success and sustainability. Read More


Oil Recycling


Auto Blue Oils remains humble, grateful, and beyond blessed as we celebrated winning:

  • North West Regional Collector of the year 2014 for the third time
  • Second position within the same region
  • Third place Nationally 2014

Held at Birchwood Hotel, NORA-SA AGM

Oil Recycling

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20150529_094609Moses Mokgosi

Managing Director

“I am passionate about ecological management and want to make a difference as one of the very few environmental entrepreneurs.

The team/business always displays a more responsible behaviour in the collection and management of used oil and waste lubricants, adhere to the waste management etiquettes and including international safety standards.”

Oil Recycling